Urinary tract infections

Guidance on managing UTIs has changed. In particular the recommendations place much less reliance on urine dipstick results.
There is a link to the latest management guidelines in the
Guidelines section.
Antimicrobial prescribing guidelines were also updated last year and can be found in the same section.

DNACPR forms

NEAS are publishing a new form shortly (v17). Stocks will be distributed via CCGs.
Further details can be found in the
Memos section.

EpiPen shortage

I have published a memo about the current EpiPen shortage.
It recommends that doctors consider carrying ampoules of Adrenaline rather than EpiPens.
It can be found in the
Memos section

Terms of Engagement

I have updated the handbook today, removing the old GatDoc rules & replacing them with the current terms of engagement
They can be found in the
Rules & Manuals section

Management of UTI

Public Health England has published new guidance on the management of patients presenting with suspected UTI.
The document can be found in the
Guidelines section.