Home Visits

There has been an issue recently where the patient address entered by 111 did not match the actual location of the patient. It would be good practice to check that the patient is at the stated address before visiting and we would encourage visiting doctors to do so.

Home Visits

This last weekend we breached our targets on Home Visits on a number of occasions. The targets are: 2 hours for and Urgent HV and 6 hours for a Routine HV. The clock starts when the patient first contacts the service.

Part of the problem appears to be that the GP on HV duty is not starting visits as ass as possible and is probably helping out in the WIC.

It is important that as soon as a HV is identified then a duty GP should start visiting and reminders to this effect from Reception and driving staff should not be ignored. In addition, good communication between the Centre and the cars is essential so that the GPs and Drivers are aware of approaching breaches so they can prioritise.

We will be closely monitoring the timely start of Home Visiting and expect all GPs to be aware of the service expectations and targets.