Child safeguarding referral form

We have received a new form for child safeguarding referrals, it can be found in the Forms section from where it can be printed off.

Alert Re Possible Flight Risk Of Unborn Child

Please read this warning which can be found in the Memos section.

Child Sexual Exploitation Reporting

After discussions with the safeguarding leads, we have developed a brief assessment and reporting tool to be used where a doctor suspects a child might be at risk of sexual exploitation (CSE). The form can be found in the Forms section of the handbook.


  • We have received an alert about a potentially violent patient.
  • The details can be accessed in the Memos section of the website

Patients leaving department before being seen

There have been issues recently with parents leaving the emergency department with their children having not notified anyone that they were leaving.
In many cases I am sure that they have become fed up with waiting, but there is a risk that this might represent a safeguarding issue.
Therefore we are advised that should we become aware of such a situation we the local social services duty officer should be advised (local means local to the child's home address). I have updated the on-call numbers in the
Useful Telephone Numbers section.
The lead nurse will usually deal with this, but should you become aware of a child having left in this manner please speak to the lead nurse and ensure that one of you does advise the duty worker.

Thank you for your support in this.

Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards

There are new regulations in place around those who are judged to be deprived of their liberty. The new regulations are quite broad and will apply to anyone who is unable to leave a place (even their own home) or who is closely supervised. Should such a person die, the death must be reported to the coroner.

A guideline is now in the
Guidelines section.