Medicines Management

Timekeeping & dispensing

There have been some issues with doctors timekeeping recently and with the labels on dispensed medication not being completed fully. Please read the update which is in the Memos section

Medicine Stock Changes

We have changed our supplier of medications as it was getting increasingly difficult to obtain the medicines we require in appropriate pack sizes. This has resulted in some changes to stock items. The changes and rationale are appended:

Clarithromycin is new - we should be stocking this in line with local guidelines
Otomize is to replace Locorton Vioform
Prochlorperazine (Buccastem M) is a smaller pack of prochlorperazine allowing the GPs to give a pack with full instructions - please can you advise the GPs to put this on the purple rec forms as "Buccastem M" not the generic drug name
Prednisolone - we are going to start stocking non-soluble tablets as the price difference for the NHS is getting too big for us to keep using the soluble for all.
Topal is to replace Gaviscon

Supplying Medicines from Stock

There has been an issue raised about supply of medicines from the GatDoc or Walk-in Centre stocks when there are local chemists open. I felt I needed to remind doctors of the regulations surrounding medicines supply. It is a breach of medicines regulations for a doctor to supply any medication when there is a local pharmacy open except under the personally administered arrangements.. The Walk-in Centre nurses may do this under the terms of their PGDs, but doctors may not.
It may be very tempting “just to get the medication while the patient is present”, but you should resist that temptation. We would not want to see someone from the local NHS team making a referral to the GMC.

Borrowing Medicines

There have been instances where GatDoc doctors have been asking Walk-in Centre staff to supply medicines which are not kept in the GatDoc drug cupboard. This puts the Walk-in Centre staff in a difficult position because they should not be doing this. If you feel a patient needs a medication which is not in the GatDoc cupboard, please supply them with a green script for the medication.
The medications in the GatDoc cupboard are stocked in line with national and local guidelines. If you feel that a particular medication should be kept in the cupboard, please let me know and I will review the request with the pharmacists.