Bleeding in early pregnancy

The QE has recently produced new guidelines for the management of vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy.
A copy of there flowchart can be found in the
Guidelines section

Guidance for Managing Constipation in Children

The paediatric consultants at the QE have asked us to bring your attention to this guideline.
It can be found in the
Guidelines section

New GMC Prescribing Guidance

The GMC has recently published guidance on good practice in prescribing. It has sections which cover what a doctor should do when the full notes are not available and these are relevant to OOH doctors. The board would encourage all doctors to read the guidance which is in the Guidelines section of the handbook/
On a more positive note, we are hopeful that the Adastra-EMIS link will be restored in the near future.

Treatment of Patients Receiving Chemotherapy

I have just added the treatment guidelines for patients who are receiving chemotherapy for cancer. It has become apparent that doctors may not be aware of the guidelines so I have reproduced them in full. They can be found as a Powerpoint file in the Guidelines section.
The take-home message here is that chemo patients presenting with infection may be neutropenic and therefore may need admission & IV antibiotics for what appears to be relatively minor infection.

Referral of Patients with Hot Joints

The rheumatologists in Gateshead have developed new guidelines for the management and referral of acutely inflamed joints. There is a simplified version suitable for OOH use in the guidelines section. Please pay particular attention to the flow chart and information to include in referrals.