Telephone issues

We have recently been experiencing issues with our telephones whilst ringing out using the recording function, this was originally reported to QE comms who advised that when using the record function a delay on the line ringing out would be experience. Staff were advised to allow the line to ring for an extended period of time.
We have also had issues in line with patients who cannot accept a call with a withheld number, the workaround to this is to dial 9 followed by 1470 followed by patients telephone number, using the 1470 should dial out successfully. Unfortunately this has not been the case recently and was reported to QE Comms on Monday. Telephones on the clinical corridor are not set up to allow the use of 1470 but should work in the consultation rooms.
QE Comms are looking to resolve both issues, please continue to use the recording function and update reception staff of issues.