Resulting Cases

I am aware that there have been problems over the weekend with resulting calls for patients who were booked in at reception. I have reported the matter and it is being looked into today

Prescribing in Adastra

I hope everyone is getting on okay with the new version of Adastra.
The prescribing screen is slightly different so I have added a quick reference guide to the
Guidelines section.

Overnight Calls

There have been issues where doctors have been complaining that they are not notified by 111 about night calls which come into Adastra. We have tried to make this system reliable, but it has not worked. Calls coming into Adastra will generate a text message on the night shift mobile phone, so doctors should ensure that they take the mobile with them when retiring to the bedroom.
It is also essential that doctors take the appropriate Toughbooks when going out on calls at night so that they are aware when new calls come in. As an “insurance” doctors should also make sure they take the mobile with them when going out on visits.

Going out on overnight shifts

I understand there has been some confusion about how to mark the doctor as being away from the Walk-in Centre at night so that calls are diverted to the Toughbook. The process should be very simple; at the top of the list of options on the left-hand side of the Adastra screen, there is a tab labelled “Despatch”. When you click that there are two options: “Despatch” and “In Out Board”. Select “In Out Board” and on the screen under “Destination Details” click the radio button marked “Out”. Calls will then be diverted to the Toughbook M21.
In return to base click the radio button marked “In”.

Here is a screenshot (click link to reveal):


The radio buttons can be seen on the right hand side of the screen, near the top.

I hope this helps.

Yorkshire Ambulance Service

I am just writing this note to remind staff that despite the advent of 111, our Adastra data is still hosted by Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS). If you have any problems with logging into Adastra (assuming you have logged into the PC successfully) YAS should be your first port of call for support. Their telephone number is at the bottom of the Useful Telephone Numbers page.

Putting patients in the right queue

It has been reported that some patients are being allocated to the Doctor only queue despite being appropriate for both doctors and nurse ie the shared queue. Please try and be aware of this and allocate to the shared queue when appropriate or we will potentially increase the doctors' workload.

Guidance on which patients to send to which queue

Karen Sheard has published a quick guide to help triaging doctors decide which patients to send to which queue.
It can be found in the guidelines section of the website

Integration with Walk-in Centre

Today integration with the Walk-in Centre finally went live.

This will require some small modifications to the way we work & the board is grateful for your patience during this time of transition. The changes apply primarily to dealing with patients who are asked to come to the PCC.

Be sure to check when logging into Adastra that you are logging into Gateshead PCC, if you log into the Walk-in Centre, you will not be able to deal with patients.

You will notice some new colour coding, these represent the new queues. Blue is the doctor queue, pink the nurse queue (no stereotyping here!!) and turquoise the shared queue. Calls for triaging will be placed in the doctor queue, these calls can be opened in the normal way. At the end of triage you have some new options if asking the patient to come down to the PCC. It is envisioned that most calls will be placed in the common queue; those patients could be seen either by the GatDoc doctors or the Walk-in Centre nurses. If the triaging doctor feels the patient needs to be seen specifically by a doctor then the patent should be placed in the doctor queue. It will be unusual that GatDoc would place any patients in the nurse-specific queue.

GatDoc doctors will be expected to take patients from both the doctor and common queues as they attend the PCC. The Walk-in Centre nurses will be expected to take patients from the nurse and common queues. We will be monitoring the relative workloads. The Walk-in Centre works to different quality standards to GatDoc and their routine cases have to be completed within 4 hours rather than the 6 hours we are used to. We would ask doctors to try to complete cases who attend the PCC within the 4 hour timeframe.

We would be grateful for any feedback on the changes.

Working with the Walk-in Centre

We have published a memo about working with the Walk-in Centre (WiC) staff at Bensham once they move to the Adastra system today. It is part of the roll-out of the 111 service and the move to the QE site later this year. Please e-mail me if you have any queries.