Increase in mumps cases

Please read the memo from Public Health England re the recent increase in mumps cases notified.
It can be found in the
Memos section

Terrorist Outrage in Manchester

You will no doubt be aware of the terrible events in Manchester last night.
Fans from all over the north of England attended the concert and it is likely that some from Gateshead will have been affected.
The police have asked us to advise them if we do see anyone who was there and has been affected, the e-mail can be found in the
Memos section

Call recording with blocked numbers

Doctors have reported difficulty in getting the call recording system to work when a number does not accept calls from lines without CLI (caller line identification). There is a workaround for this which can be found in the Memos section

Child safeguarding referral form

We have received a new form for child safeguarding referrals, it can be found in the Forms section from where it can be printed off.