Medicine Stock Changes

We have changed our supplier of medications as it was getting increasingly difficult to obtain the medicines we require in appropriate pack sizes. This has resulted in some changes to stock items. The changes and rationale are appended:

Clarithromycin is new - we should be stocking this in line with local guidelines
Otomize is to replace Locorton Vioform
Prochlorperazine (Buccastem M) is a smaller pack of prochlorperazine allowing the GPs to give a pack with full instructions - please can you advise the GPs to put this on the purple rec forms as "Buccastem M" not the generic drug name
Prednisolone - we are going to start stocking non-soluble tablets as the price difference for the NHS is getting too big for us to keep using the soluble for all.
Topal is to replace Gaviscon