Illicit Zopiclone

There have been reports of illicit Zopiclone tablets appearing on the streets.
Please note the advice below:

I’ve received a report in Harm Min today regarding the circulation of a new batch of street illicit Zopiclone.
They have been reported to be 10mg white tablets, you may be aware that genuine Zopiclone is not produced in 10mg. You may recall we had a number of reports of overdoses linked to the use of 15mg zopiclone tablets in 2016.
The tablets have been described as rectangular in shape and not stamped, they come in a silver and green coloured blister pack.
All the usual harm min advice should be provided to any clients using street illicit tablets, including the inconsistency in strength, the unknown content of the tablets and the increased risk of OD especially when using in combination with other depressants.
Clients should also be aware, that although Zopiclone is not an opioid, Naloxone should still be administered in the event of an OD. It is possible that street illicit tablets are mixed with an opioid or other opiates could be in the casualty’s system which would respond to the naloxone and restore breathing.

Child Sexual Exploitation Reporting

After discussions with the safeguarding leads, we have developed a brief assessment and reporting tool to be used where a doctor suspects a child might be at risk of sexual exploitation (CSE). The form can be found in the Forms section of the handbook.