February 2015

Post Chickenpox Streptococcal infection

Public Health England had published a warning about 4 cases of invasive Group A Streptococcal infection (iGAS) after chickenpox infection in children locally.
One child has died and the other three remain in hospital.
Please acquaint your self with the guidance which can be found in the
Memos section


Some of you will remember that we had an ability to see a summary of a patient's practice record when consulting with that patient in Adastra.
As the product was developed, there was a move to a different technology platform and that functionality was lost.
I am pleased to announce that we can now view the practice record again. There is a tab in the patient record screen called "Primary Care Record". If that is clicked a message is displayed prompting you to ask the patent's permission to view the record; the response is recorded and is auditable. If permission is granted than you can see a summary of the record. It is not possible to amend the GP record in anyway, the access is read-only.


We had our review meeting yesterday.

One of the issues which came up was a relatively high rate of prescribing by brand name, which is expensive. Unlike EMIS, the Adastra system does not automatically do a generic substitution. Please be careful when searching for a medication to do so by generic name rather than brand name unless you specifically need to prescribe that medication by brand.

Please also be careful about quantities of Tramadol, Gabapentin & Pregabalin. The EMIS link is now working and if you click the primary care record tab in Adastra, you can (with the patient's permission) see the GP record; this may help with prescribing of these medications.

We would be grateful if you could keep these matters in mind.