February 2013

New GMC Prescribing Guidance

The GMC has recently published guidance on good practice in prescribing. It has sections which cover what a doctor should do when the full notes are not available and these are relevant to OOH doctors. The board would encourage all doctors to read the guidance which is in the Guidelines section of the handbook/
On a more positive note, we are hopeful that the Adastra-EMIS link will be restored in the near future.

Putting patients in the right queue

It has been reported that some patients are being allocated to the Doctor only queue despite being appropriate for both doctors and nurse ie the shared queue. Please try and be aware of this and allocate to the shared queue when appropriate or we will potentially increase the doctors' workload.


We had our regular quarterly review meeting with the PCSA recently.
We covered many issues as usual, but some concern was expressed about some of our prescribing.
I have put a memo about prescribing in the Memos section today which covers the issues