April 2017

Heroin contaminated with Fentanyl

We have received a warning from Public Health England about this contamination which has lead to deaths amongst drug users.
The warning can be found in the
Memos section.

Accessing Interpreter Service

We have published a memo about accessing the interpreter service for patients who do not speak English well.
The number for the service can be found in the
Useful Telephone Numbers section and the procedure in the Memos section

Extra Care Referrals

If a GatDoc doctor wishes a patient to be seen by the Extra Care service, there are some requirements which need to be in place. A memo about them can be found in the Memos section.

Revised guidance for doctors confirming death of a patient with DoLs in place

The coroner has recently published revised guidance for doctors who attend to confirm the death of a patient who is in a nursing home or other situation where that patient may be subject to a Deprivation of Liberty arrangement (DoLs). The coroner's letter can be found in the Memos section of the handbook