April 2014

Overnight Calls

There have been issues where doctors have been complaining that they are not notified by 111 about night calls which come into Adastra. We have tried to make this system reliable, but it has not worked. Calls coming into Adastra will generate a text message on the night shift mobile phone, so doctors should ensure that they take the mobile with them when retiring to the bedroom.
It is also essential that doctors take the appropriate Toughbooks when going out on calls at night so that they are aware when new calls come in. As an “insurance” doctors should also make sure they take the mobile with them when going out on visits.

Information Governance

Mike Bell has noticed a few issues which could do with tightening up. Please bear the following in mind.

1 Screens (including Toughbooks) - please ensure that you log yourself OUT at the end of your duty. If you leave yourself logged in anyone can access the internet under your personal details and perhaps access inappropriate sites. If you are leaving the consulting room during your duty please switch the screen off so that any details of the patient you are currently working on are not visible.

2 Papers - if you print off any Adastra case , or make any handwritten notes regarding any patient, please ensure that these are placed in the shredding bin in the WIC Reception ante office. Do not leave them lying around for anyone to read.

3 Cars - please ensure that you do not leave any patient identifiable information in the vehicle after you complete your last Home Visit. Again the WIC Reception shredding bin is available.