April 2012

Lab Results

We have had a meeting with the QE path lab today to discuss lab results.

We have agreed a schema for calling the OOH service, it is slightly more generous than the national recommendations.

The idea is that OOH doctors should only be advised if there is an unexpected abnormal result that is outwith the safety parameters. Therefore if a patient has chronic renal failure for example, the OOH doctor should not be called unless renal function has significantly deteriorated. The board would be grateful if doctors could monitor results and advise us of calls which fall outside this agreement.

New Policies

As promised (threatened?) I have today published several policies reflecting our need to comply with the requirements of the Care Quality Commission.
Doctors should be familiar with the policies, but as a minimum need to know where to find them when working (they are in the policies folder). Thank you for your co-operation in this.