Medicines Issues

Our pharmacist has been reviewing our prescribing and there are a couple of issues which she has noticed. I would be grateful if doctors could read the memo below and ensure they follow the advice.

When writing a purple FP10rec form for a supply made from either the GatDoc cupboard or any of the home visit boxes please try to make sure the drug name, form, strength and quantity is stated. 
It is not necessary to include the batch and expiry date information (for items administered to patients directly e.g. injection, nebule, STAT doses the batch and expiry should be recorded on the Adastra record for audit trail purposes)

If supplying prednisolone, please clearly state "soluble" if it is the soluble that is being supplied. 
NB standard 5mg tablets are in packs of 28, soluble are in packs of 30 and for both clinical audit purposes and due to the large price differential we need to know which has been supplied.